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Secure your business using Pass-Phrases (not Passwords)

Twitter has recently suggested all their users should update their passwords, not only for their platform but across any online platform you use. Whilst updating your password regularly for all your online identities is good advice, it may seem weird for Twitter to suggest updating passwords for

Microsoft 365, not Office 365, is the best way to keep your business productive and efficient

Many companies have heard of Office 365 and have thrived using this productivity solution. However, there is a new solution that incorporates many of the same functions and tools from Office 365, only better. Microsoft 365 for Business is the product, and countless professionals are using it to

Microsoft 365 can take your mobile workplace to new heights

Mobile devices play an important role in the future of business. With productivity software and services like Microsoft 365, employers and employees can connect to each other in a matter of moments, sharing company data and other important information. Mobile devices also give businesses the

Use Microsoft 365 to help level the technology playing field within your industry

The size of the mobile workplace continues to increase each year, with most employees worldwide using mobile technologies. This includes construction, mining, wholesale, retail, and medical industries. Companies that utilise productivity software for mobile devices have an advantage over those

The costs of a data breach according to IBM

A month after the introduction of the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme, IBM have released a study they sponsored that investigates the cost of data breaches across a range of different companies. Some important findings were made that give some insight into how much data breaches cost companies, as

The 3 best tips for streamlining your business processes

Just about everyone in the world would like to make their day simpler. In the current time-poor business environment, creating easier business processes can free up enough time so that you can focus on your more important tasks. To do this, you need to put your whole business under the microscope

The First Month of the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme: A review of the news

It has been a month since the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme came into effect on 22 February 2018 and at least one major data breach has occurred in Australia since the scheme began.

Technology trends that can improve productivity in your workplace

Ask any manager in the world about what they would like to improve about their employees and productivity is guaranteed to be one of the top responses. Even employees themselves know that they should be more productive, as according to a survey by Personal Group, 48% of employees agree that they